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Hey Doctors! Why Design for Healthcare?

In Season 2–Episode 12, Katie McCurdy, healthcare designer extraordinaire (and good friend) joined us for an insightful conversation about bringing more designers into healthcare. On the flip side, more and more healthcare providers see the value of design, too. Doctoring, however, is not designing- so what exactly is the role of design from the provider’s point of view?

Tina and Miya reached out to Dr. Lalita Abhyankar, Family Physician and friend of the podcast, to share opinions on the benefits of bringing design into the clinic. (Yah, no…The EMR is BROKEN.)

Grab your stethoscope and your Post-its and listen in as Dr. Lalita talks about the creative side of medicine and the challenges doctors may face when healthcare doesn’t embrace a designerly mindset.

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Bringing the Human into Human-Centered Design

In healthcare, how can you truly understand how people will use a product or service when humans are unpredictable, health is difficult to manage, and you don’t know always what the end product or service should be? 

In order to understand human behavior, and all the idiosyncrasies that go along with it (peanut butter and mayo sandwiches, anyone?), you need to find inventive ways to conduct research. Tune in for Episode 27 to learn about the unconventional methods that M + T have developed over the years – such as interactive interviews and experiential prototyping – to uncover more meaningful insights about humans and their health.

Head to our Diagram website to see examples of this work in action!

Artwork by Thoka Maer
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Here’s What’s Up

We’re halfway through Season 3! Join us for the “check in” episode where Miya and Tina cover three topics they’re interested in right now: inclusivity in clinical trials, women in leadership, and a revisit of the privacy conversation from Episode 23– this time with a small glimmer of hope.

What are you waiting for?! Tap that play button, and tune in for a rousing game of Yah vs. No, a subtle tweak to the show intro, and some important shout outs to leaders who are working hard to make positive change.

Artwork by Agatha Sorlet
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Patients are used to the healthcare industry treating the mind and the body as two completely different systems, but Tina and Miya know from their work in chronic disease, that mental and physical health are inextricably linked.  

Join us for episode 25, as Miya and Tina meditate, share tips on interview techniques and relay research strategies that break down the stigma around mental health. They discuss how having a sensitivity toward the research engenders trust, allowing patients to open up and explore difficult topics such as depression, anxiety, and stress.  

Considering patients holistically is complicated, but not impossible. Unlike meditating- which Tina will likely never do.

Artwork by Eiko Ojala
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Beep Bop Boop: When Robots Take Over Yah, No

It’s no secret that AI-powered technology is changing the landscape of healthcare. But how is it being maximized? And is it helping, or hurting? The possibilities are overwhelming, and Tina and Miya want answers!

And if we’re talking AI, what better expert than Siri? Nope, not that Siri. Siri Betts-Sonstegard, Design Research Lead at IBM Watson Health. Join our hostesses for a fascinating conversation with Human Siri, as they talk about the future of AI in the healthcare industry, biases in AI, and what it’s like to have a robot as a colleague.

Artwork by Zack Rosebrugh
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KEEP OUT! Healthcare and Privacy in the Digital Age

Don’t “keep out” of this debate on privacy! Tina thinks that the evolution of privacy in healthcare will help patients level the playing field, but Miya questions who’s really going to benefit when we allow our data to be accessed. From digital health to social media, new technologies in healthcare are changing the definition of privacy. Patients are more willing to share than ever, but at what cost? Who owns our data? What is it being used for? Who can we trust!? Well, M+T, of course…

Join us as Tina and Miya consider the yahs and nos of sharing your health data.

Artwork by Sebastian König
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