Season 2

It's Okay It Was An Accident

What’s the difference between a mistake and a failure?  For a very special Season 2 finale we’re going to end on a high-low note. When you make a mistake, it can be a big, mortifying deal—especially when you’re like our hosts who basically never make mistakes…except for this one (hundred-thousand dollar) mistake.  Our confession session is joined by some special guests whose mess-ups didn’t get in their way despite the emotional impact. Patient advocate and the director of Patient Revolution, Maggie Breslin; Luke Johnson from Riot Games; and UNICEF innovator Mari Nakano dish on their biggest mistakes and what they learned from them. One thing each story has in common is that it’s a safe bet the world didn’t actually end with these goofs.

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Proactive vs. Reactive, or, How to Remember an Umbrella

Are superheroes are proactive or reactive?  We reckon when they swoop onto the scene in the nick of time to save a bus of children from a collapsing building that’s what is called 'being reactive.' So then what can we learn from the routine behavior of looking out the window to check for rain? A thick skin, flexibility, and improv skills guide us through the myriad decisions we make daily. 

Our hosts run through personal case studies ranging from a third grade PBJ assembly line to a first-time cashier gig at LA’s original FroYo shop. We connect these learnings to the distinct states of being proactive, reactive, and reflective in today’s healthcare design space where there are always new fires to put out. Being proactive doesn't require experience; but knowing the timing to use these skills is a matter of habitual behavior. 

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That Inspiration #StrugLyfe

Those "Eureka!" moments come and go and notes-to-self lose their decipherability over time. In this episode Miya and Tina tackle the ins and outs of cultivating inspiration on-demand and as a daily practice. Our hosts reminisce on the mentors whose random connections empower us to make design leaps.  We breakdown a range of methods for nudging designers towards an inspired state including googly eyes, meditative nature films, Dali's 'stache, and making employees take a different route to work...Every. Single. Day. Tune in and get inspired to shake up your daily practice.

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Yay Us! A Tale of Self Promotion

As a continuation of last year’s Season 1 Episode 5 Miya and Tina revisit the topic of self-promotion.

In this episode we compare the goals we set back then to find out how we lived up to our own expectations (spoiler: we saw a 200% improvement in target behaviors but achieved only 40% performance on goals.)  We finally admitted that brainstorming ways to provoke and woo social media audiences is a topic that often leads to crickets and nervous giggles so we hacked it: listen in as Miya and Tina parse the difference between supporting the humblebrag and judging an outright brag. The ends justify the means whenever our sense of achievement increases the impact of good work, whether it’s big or small.

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Boundary Reset

We know goat’s milk is great for cheesemaking, but does that mean it can’t also make spider silk? Sometimes mental boundaries and assumptions about role definition can get in the way of being a good team player and doing whatever it takes for the win. For partners, growing a small company means we have no boundaries and wear many hats: cooking lunches, cleaning toilets, even making business decisions! But what does this mean for the designers we hire? It’s a sticky subject so follow Miya and Tina as they try to sort out some answers.

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Yah, It’s Gottabe No

What would happen if you just say no to that project instead of saying yes? If she had made a different decision, Tina could’ve been a t-shirt graphics guru instead of a healthcare design researcher. 

Saying ‘no’ sometimes opens the door to new possibilities. In this episode, Tina and Miya discuss when it’s okay to say no. Turning down opportunities is definitely not something to take lightly when you have a business, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. Our hosts hash out why is it uncomfortable for us to say no and discuss when it’s time to listen to your gut.  

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