Season 1

Trusting Your Gut

What are the forces that guide decisions? Sometimes, you can debate over something forever. Other times, when you know, you just know. In this episode, Tina and Miya turn up the volume on the little voices inside their heads -- the rumble in their guts. So how do you know when your gut is talking to you? Do you physically feel it or is it mental? Listen to stories of trusting your gut from our hosts and special guest Mary Cain -- Senior Director of Clinical Strategy and Behavior Change of Jiff, a health benefits platform.

Special thanks to Mary Cain for joining our podcast this week!

Trumpet interlude by Timothy O’Donnell.

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New World / New Design

In today’s world, the discipline of design is changing. The design of yesterday is not quite what it is now. Traditionally known as a skill, design has become a way of thinking. In this episode, Tina and Miya discuss the different definitions, dimensions, and orders of design. Listen in on their conversation. Plus, get the chance to hear what their dads’ have to say about “these fine young ladies” and what the hell their daughters do for work.

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Own It

What energizes and inspires people to have ownership over their work? Is it given or is it taken? Is there a magic moment when it’s sparked or does it grow over time? Tina and Miya try to define ownership and how to cultivate it in the workplace. Listen to our hosts with episode producer Sean as they share examples of having “skin in the game” (ew!) — including a mouse colony census, a beloved sheep sweater and chicken care-taking.

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Stop. Collaborate And Listen

In this episode, Tina and Miya talks with Emilie Glazer from Ctrl group about collaboration. What makes it successful? It’s not always that romanticized notion through happenstance or serendipity. Most of the times it requires careful curation and a little big of magic. Everyone has a role in a collaboration: the provocateur, the maker, the note taker, the negotiator, the decision maker. Which one are you?

Special thanks to Emilie Glazer for joining our podcast this week!

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Boring But Necessary

IRA, taxes, profit and loss sheets. Boring, right? Owning your own business is awesome, but it’s not all puppies and hearts. This week, we reveal some embarrassing moments and deep thoughts brought to you by a journal that one of our hosts kept in the early days of starting our business. Tune in and find out which one! Warning: early “business days conversations” may induce drama from one of our queens.

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Putting The "Pro" In Self-Promotion

Why does self-promotion feel so uncomfortable? Talking up your accomplishments feels awkward, but it’s important in today’s business world. Listen to Tina and Miya as they discuss the value of self-promotion and their struggles with the vanity that shadows it. Self-promotion is a way to make your work visible. So how do you get away with promoting yourself without sounding boasty or braggy?

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