End of Season 2

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Hello Yah, No Friends!

This season we chose to focus on Stories of Health because we believe that stories empower patients, create connections, and facilitate discovery. Yah, No has always been a platform to explore how our work ties into larger changes that are happening in the world, and we hope that you enjoyed listening to these stories as much as we loved sharing.

Season 4 launches in September, and we’re so excited to share with you 10 brand new episodes boasting a seriously impressive guest list of champions and changemakers in the healthcare industry and beyond. Make sure to follow us on Instagram– @yahnopodcast– for updates as we journey into the next season. And as always, please subscribe, leave a review, and share your headphones if your friends want to listen too!

Thanks again to our friends and invincible women leaders Siri Betts-Sonstegard, Dr. Lalita Abhyankar and Sara Hendren, for sharing your time and your wisdom with us this season. 

And to our heroic crew:  
Music by Ches Smith
Recorded at Figure 8 Studios by Michael P. Coleman and Lily Wen
Edited & Produced by Tory Flack
Promo & content support by Timo Ho, Catherine Rehwinkle and Saadiya Mutawakil

The Yah, No crew 

New Episodes Coming Soon

Dear Yah, No audience,  

Thanks for journeying with us through our second season.
We shared stories around the big ideas that we tackle in healthcare every day using the principles of patient-centered design. Now, we hope you enjoy the summer — and don't forget to catch up on any Season 2 episodes you missed.  

Join our hosts Tina and Miya in Fall 2018 for Season 3. 
We'll return bearing gifts: ten new episodes focused solely on healthcare and as always, we'll be joined by a bevy of amazing guests and friends!    

Stay tuned in via yahnopodcast.com and our Instagram for updates. We would love it if you left a review to share your thoughts — we'll incorporate them into our next season. 

Props to our Season 2 posse: 
Special guests — Katie McCurdy, Luke Johnson, Mari Nakano, Gina Kim, Maggie Breslin  
Music by Ches Smith 
Recorded at Figure 8 Studios by Michael Coleman 
Edited by Elizabeth Audley
Promo & content support by Timo Ho, Catherine Rehwinkel

The Yah, No crew