Design for Healthcare Trilogy

Designing for Healthcare Part 3

This marks the third episode in our “Designing for Healthcare” series. You know what that means: we made a trilogy. We’re basically George Lucas. 

In Season 2, we chatted with an expert designer, and in season 3 we talked to an expert doctor. And now we’re closing it out by speaking with a different kind of expert: a patient advocate. We are so excited to welcome friend of Diagram– Jen Horonjeff, to talk about the absolute necessity of gaining patient perspectives through co-design.

But wait there’s more! Jen is also the Founder and CEO of Savvy Cooperative, a patient-owned service that matches companies and researchers directly to patients. Join the conversation about how to work with patients in design and how valuing patients’ insights empowers them to own their stories and their experiences, rather than simply accepting healthcare the way it is. 

Sit back and tune in for the final episode of our epic healthcare trilogy. And when you’re done, head over to Savvy’s YouTube page to watch Jen’s interview of Miya and Tina in her #SavvyChat series!

PS: Oh we almost forgot! Tina has never seen the Godfather movies.

Artwork by Katie Chandler
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Hey Doctors! Why Design for Healthcare?

In Season 2–Episode 12, Katie McCurdy, healthcare designer extraordinaire (and good friend) joined us for an insightful conversation about bringing more designers into healthcare. On the flip side, more and more healthcare providers see the value of design, too. Doctoring, however, is not designing- so what exactly is the role of design from the provider’s point of view?

Tina and Miya reached out to Dr. Lalita Abhyankar, Family Physician and friend of the podcast, to share opinions on the benefits of bringing design into the clinic. (Yah, no…The EMR is BROKEN.)

Grab your stethoscope and your Post-its and listen in as Dr. Lalita talks about the creative side of medicine and the challenges doctors may face when healthcare doesn’t embrace a designerly mindset.

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Wowowoah! Why Design for Healthcare?

Katie McCurdy, user experience designer, researcher of the inner workings of hospitals, and generally awesome human being, joins our hosts to discuss the joys and frustrations of designing for healthcare. The trio tackles why the healthcare world needs more designers, and all of the reasons (both practical and touchy feely) that designers should be flocking to this industry. Our hostesses also reveal how and why they made the decision to work in healthcare. One half of the dynamic duo had real doubts about making the leap - tune in to find out who!

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