Putting The "Pro" In Self-Promotion

Why does self-promotion feel so uncomfortable? Talking up your accomplishments feels awkward, but it’s important in today’s business world. Listen to Tina and Miya as they discuss the value of self-promotion and their struggles with the vanity that shadows it. Self-promotion is a way to make your work visible. So how do you get away with promoting yourself without sounding boasty or braggy?

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Here We Grow!

The people business, it’s not easy. In this episode, Tina and Miya talks with strategist/business developer/friend Samip Shah about how to scale a services business: the mindset shift in letting go and refocusing energies, hiring for intangibles, and finding the golden ratio of skill sets and passion. Lots of enthusiasm, but also lots of questions!

Special thanks to Samip Shah for joining our podcast this week!

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Are We Doing This Right?

Second episode. Second trip to upstate New York. This time with wine. Being entrepreneurs in healthcare ain't easy but sure is fun! Tina and Miya reflect on their experiences turning an idea into a start-up. Hear them decode the chicken or egg dilemma of building a product, the challenges of working fast and agile in a slow-moving industry, and the state of women entrepreneurs in the start-up world.

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WTF?! We Are Here.

And it's about time. In the premiere episode of Yah, No, longtime friends and business partners (the best duo of all time) Tina Park and Miya Osaki discuss their experiences starting a business together and why having a partnership was a non-negotiable. Think: Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel, Abbi and Ilana…all got nothing on Yah, No.

Keep in mind: we are just starting out and have made some improvements already. Stay tuned!

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