Episode 19

Proactive vs. Reactive, or, How to Remember an Umbrella

Are superheroes are proactive or reactive?  We reckon when they swoop onto the scene in the nick of time to save a bus of children from a collapsing building that’s what is called 'being reactive.' So then what can we learn from the routine behavior of looking out the window to check for rain? A thick skin, flexibility, and improv skills guide us through the myriad decisions we make daily. 

Our hosts run through personal case studies ranging from a third grade PBJ assembly line to a first-time cashier gig at LA’s original FroYo shop. We connect these learnings to the distinct states of being proactive, reactive, and reflective in today’s healthcare design space where there are always new fires to put out. Being proactive doesn't require experience; but knowing the timing to use these skills is a matter of habitual behavior. 

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