BONUS: More with Sara Hendren


Hey Yah, No friends! Do you miss us yet? It’s been a whole month since we released our last episode of season 3. Lucky for you, we’ve been working hard to bring you our first ever BONUS episode of Yah, No.

If you loved Episode 29–Disability and Social-Minded Design, where we had our conversation with extraordinaire Sara Hendren–(stats don’t lie, we know you loved it), then we can’t wait for you to listen to this surprise follow up episode.

Be sure to tune in as we round out our conversation about design, disability and accessibility with Sara’s insights on aging, dependence, and adaptation, and how we can start to reframe our assumptions about what makes a good life. It’s just a little something to get you through these last hot summer months while you eagerly await our brand new season.

Artwork by Dadu Shin for the New York Times