More To Come


Illustration by Naomi Wilkinson

Dear Yah, No podcast devotees!

It’s been a whirlwind of a season and so much fun for the Yah, No crew to experience the exciting podcast world. With 10 episodes under our belts, we’re taking a break to meditate on our learnings from doing Yah, No and will be gearing up for a Fall 2017 release of a new and improved Season 2!

So stay tuned and stay connected on our website and Instagram. Please leave us a review and share your thoughts.

Big thanks to our Season 1 supporters:
Special guests – Samip Shah, Emilie Glazer,
Mary Cain and “the dads”
Music by Ches Smith
Recorded at Figure 8 Studios by Michael Coleman
Website by Xinyi Li
Yah, No Artwork by Tim O’Donnell

Yah, No crew